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You Won't Regret It.!

“Please if your looking for someone in Family Law, don't walk, RUN to Holstrom, Block and & Park. Taylor Goldschmidt was my personal attorney and Brandy Maness my paralegal. They did such an AMAZING job!! Taylor and Brandy made it so easy that you just have to give them the information that they need, then they do the rest!! They respond in a timely manner and unbelievably quick of the turnaround times of what document is requested/needed. I'm so blessed I found Taylor. She is very reliable and efficient. I totally recommend you hire Taylor Goldschmidt and her team. You won't regret it. She will be the only attorney that always comes up in my head when anyone asks if I know any attorney!! Thank you Taylor and Brandy for all you did for me and my daughter!!!”

Jane C.

Smart, Articulate, and Focused

"Hired Sam last minute, literally 48hrs before court, and with how prepared she was, you’d think she knew my case for months. Her coordinator, James, was phenomenal in gathering the information and putting the packets together for her. She kept it 100% with me the entire time, things she thought the courts would agree to and told me when to back off of other items. I hate to say we “won” our case because in child custody matters, it shouldn’t be able winning or losing, but she got exactly what was best for my child. And that is all I was concerned about. She was concise, articulate, to the point, with poise and a firm no nonsense tone in her voice she breezed through the hearing. I couldn’t be more happy with her and her team. They came together in a rush and we can a successful outcome. In a moment of panic, she had me take a moment, talked over things, and prepped me to face the opposing party. I haven’t felt that confident around him in years."

Lisa T.

Samantha McBride was a freaking dream!

“I previously retained Kristen Holstrom and Samantha McBride's services. This was in 2015 before the major inflation. I hired Kristen but she handed it over to Samantha. I love this law firm because they all help each other, they gather resources, and combine their specialties to give you the best chance at representing your case in a way that will get you the best outcome possible. Samantha McBride took the case by the horns from the very beginning. She was a freaking dream! She was so knowledgeable and helped make my declaration a masterpiece. She prepared me for my mediation and I was able to walk into mediation with a cool head. She hits on very key elements of your case and keeps you from going off the tracks with tangents and keeps you from wasting time and money. I know it doesn't happen every time but Samantha got me everything I asked for. I've had 50/50 custody of my daughter since she was only 3 months old and I have her to thank. I'm currently going through court to try to get full custody and representing myself. I called in and the staff was still very nice and spent way a good amount of time with me to hear my situation. Even though I do not have the resources to retain their services again, I have retained the knowledge that they taught me so I'm able to keep my cool through the process. If I had the money to hire her or any of their attorneys in their office again I would do it in a heartbeat!!! I've referred many others in my situation to their law firm and the ones who have retained their services have been very happy. If you have the money to protect yourself and your loved ones by using their services you should do it ASAP.”

Tommy D.

Dealt with a Narcissist with Grace and Tactic

"Traci is professional. She stood by me and worked with an opponent who did not play by the rules. My ex lied and hid our assets and started cashing out our retirement almost before I even hired Traci. My daughter lives with me, who is handicapped and I with serious health issues. He tried to leave us with almost nothing!! Believe me, he quit his job and threatened to move to Mexico. Year or so later my daughter and I are safe. He had to pay me 2 years in advance alimony for him to get a job. I may need to hire Traci again if he has or finds another lame excuse to his fiduciary responsibilities. Was with my ex for almost 40 years. He was cruel and I can say with a lot of hard work and having to be ahead of the game we were thrown into. ...Traci is my hero! Outstanding attorney."

Lynne T.

I Was Really Happy With My Results

At first I was a little worried about my case and the outcome... however thanks to my attorney; Jeremy Roark, I was really happy with my results and the support his law firm was able to provide to me. they were able to help me from getting ready for the mediation all the way to showing up in court and doing an excellent job representing me. ultimately the judge ruled in our favor and I couldn't have asked for a better outcome thank you to everyone at Holstrom, Block & Parke for all the hard work you all did. Would 100% RECOMMEND.

Rene M.

Best Decision Ever

“I had spent months looking up reviews for different lawyers for my custody case. I was hesitant to choose any because this was the most important thing to me and wanted to make sure I chose the right lawyer to represent me. Kristen stood way out to me from all of the others so I decided to schedule a consultation with her.”


You know what they say about ‘peace of mind!’

“The short answer I hired her to help me with custody, visitation, and father’s Rights protection for me and my new born son; who’s mother is not married to me. Everyone listen up! If you don’t have a clue where to start and you have custody or alimony issues etc, then you have to hire this lawyer. Remember, peace of mind is priceless!!”

Ryan S.

Extremely knowledgeable in family law

“Making a choice when it comes to retaining an attorney/firm can be very intimidating at first, then I met Kristen. The fact that Kristen was so relatable, made it an easy choice for me to retain her services, along with her being exceptionally: professional, kind, understanding, easily approachable, extremely knowledgeable in family law and a bada** in the courtroom. I have lost count of court appearances to date but have had favorable outcomes EVERY time due to Kristen’s ability to strategize before court, and execute the plan during a hearing. Thank you Kristen for being there with me every step of the way, you are definitely a gem to not only myself and my daughter, but the legal community as a whole.”

Melissa S.


“Samantha is an all around class act. Guided by her legal prowess and cunning ability to strategize. I was successfully and swiftly by legal standards; enabled to achieve a favorable decision allowing me to have equal custody of my son. Samantha’s talents alongside her personable nature allowed me to calmly relinquish any angst. This alone is worth the admission for services rendered & I highly recommend anyone in need to follow suit…”


INCREDIBLY lucky to have found her!

“Samantha is extremely detail-oriented, eloquent, attentive, and devoted to her clients. She's also a straight-shooter and I appreciate the fact that she didn't sugarcoat anything for me as it was my first time dealing with the court system and so initially, I had no idea what to expect. Nevertheless, the calm, collected, and aggressive way she handled my case really settled my nerves right away and assured me that I was in good hands from the very beginning. It seemed that she almost had a sixth sense when it came to predicting basically everything the opposing counsel and party were going to do or say and always had a rapid response ready and waiting. Thank you so much!!”

Maureen U.

Above and Beyond

"I spoke with Xinia during a consultation for a deeply personal child custody case involving domestic violence and abuse. Xinia was the first attorney — and one of the first people in general — whom I spoke to about my situation.

Even in the midst of me crying, breaking down, and having trouble articulating what I was trying to do from a legal standpoint, Xinia was incredibly kind and patient with me throughout the process, allowing me to feel completely safe in a vulnerable moment. She was also deeply knowledgeable and well-versed in the realities of a complex Family Courts System.

Although our schedules didn’t align and we weren’t able to work together on my case, the advice she gave me during the consultation strengthened my overall case astronomically. I cannot say enough positive things about Xinia.

If you’re going through a custody case, she’s the exact kind of attorney you’d dream of being able to work with. Retain her. Immediately."


A Stark Contrast to My Past Experiences

Carrie and her team, my third law firm, provided a stark contrast to my past experiences. They demonstrated impeccable organization, timely communication, comprehensive knowledge of my case, and effective trial preparation. Carrie's negotiation skills were formidable, and her honesty throughout the process was appreciated. Invoices were clear and fair. Though I settled before an evidentiary hearing, I had full faith in Carrie's representation. She was well-versed in the facts and adept at presenting arguments. Personal interactions with Carrie further solidified my confidence in her integrity. While the firm's fees are high, I believe the quality of service justifies the cost. For those considering litigation, I would advise budgeting at least $25,000 for a relatively simple Request for Order with one in-person hearing. Overall, I am pleased with my choice and grateful for the services provided by Carrie, Sherrie, and Citlali. Thank you.”

Britney H.

Do NOT Hesitate and Retain Today!!

"This is by and far the BEST family law firm in SoCal. I retained HBP, specifically the Custody Queens (Kristen & Sam) in 2016 and they have been helping me with my case ever since. This law firm is easy to work with, communicate effectively, are open, honest, fair, do not give false hopes and help you be prepared for every element of your case. From front office, to billing, legal assistants, paralegals, case managers, lawyers and everyone else I may have left out…ALL incredible people…thank you ALL for being so incredibly helpful along my journey."

Melissa S.

Impeccable Customer Service

“I retained Emiliza for her services, and her time and dedicated representation made the largest difference in the outcome of my case. She is a knowledgable professional with impeccable customer service and is very, very responsive. She communicated all the legal jargon in an understandable form for the layman. In summary, I highly, highly recommend Emiliza as your legal representation.”

Aaron L.

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

“If you find yourself in family court, you have already lost. However, if you do find yourself in that situation I strongly recommend retaining the services of Samantha McBride. She will ask the right questions, do the research and work to position your case in the most effective way in court. Samantha McBride truly listens when other attorney just goes through the motions. There is no doubt in my mind, she was the reason for the positive outcome in my case. Thank you for all of your help Sam.”

Darwin C.

Great Listener and Honest

“I felt Sam listened to everything I had to say. She sought to understand where I was coming from and what I needed. I felt like she advocated for me every step of the way. One thing I appreciated about her the most was her honesty and her frankness. If something I requested or was inquiring about would end up costing me more in attorney fees than what I was asking for, she was very honest about that. She took my financial situation into consideration and made sure to do everything she could to make the process as affordable for me as possible. Although attorneys are not cheap, regardless of how they are representing you, I wholeheartedly appreciate the efforts she made to keep my costs low. One thing I would recommend, as the client, is to read over all documents, settlements, requests, and other items in writing and check for misspellings and grammatical errors because I did see quite a few of those. Aside from that, I feel at peace knowing I had Sam representing me throughout my divorce. Her confidence and knowledge of laws surrounding divorce provided me with even more comfort in choosing her as my representation. I would recommend Sam to anyone going through a divorce who needs to feel safe, listened to, and advocated for.”

Kaylie R.

I Truly Appreciate You!

Good Afternoon, As I sit here and reflect over the last 19 (I believe) court hearings, I realize how special you all are and an integral part of my life. So, as I cry writing this, and from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU! For supporting me For believing in me For being there For listening For being patient For being understanding For voicing my frustrations when I could not For arguing on my behalf For never giving up on me For working with me For helping me meet my needs For never turning your backs For the lost hours of sleep For the time you could have given to your family, but instead gave it to my case THANK YOU! I know I would not get the same service, treatment or understanding anywhere else. I see how far we have come and thank you both for helping me in and understanding me in your own ways. I truly appreciate you!”

Current Client

Caring beyond measure

“I was fortunate enough to have Sam take part as an attorney on my case as it has continued to progress over the years. Sam has a smile that brightens up a room that helps you find a sense of peace and calm on court dates. Sam is caring beyond measure, approachable, a wonderful resource and knowledgeable about anything family law. I should also add, Sam is killer in the courtroom, and I have enjoyed having her represent me over the past few hearings. Thank you Sam for everything you have done and continue to do for my daughter and I.”

M. S.

Hands down, the best decision I could have made.
"I had spent months looking up reviews for different lawyers for my custody case. I was hesitant to choose any because this was the most important thing to me and wanted to make sure I chose the right lawyer to represent me. Kristen stood way out to me from all of the others, so I decided to schedule a consultation with her. I was blown away with how much she knew and her experience in this field, how confident and thorough she was and how confident all of that made me feel with my case. I walked in there scared and nervous and walked out ready to kick some butt. The entire office/team is welcoming and helpful and I had the added bonus of working with Sam, both were SO helpful. There was also constant communication which was important to me. Kristen gave me the best advice and was very honest and open with possible outcomes for my situation. I honestly would not have had my case go in my favor or have gotten the outcome I was happy with if it was not for her. I am SO happy and beyond thankful. Trusting Kristen to represent me was hands down the best decision I could have made, and I would highly recommend her to any family and friends I have going through custody issues."

Brittany R.

So, so happy!
"Carrie Block has been an amazing attorney. As a member of the LGBTQA+ community, it was vital for me to locate a Certified Family Law Specialist that simply understood. Although it is more common today, I had a unique custody and visitation matter that Carrie was equipped to handle. She presented the facts of my case in court with grace, and we obtained a ruling that was in my favor. I highly recommend Carrie Block to assist with any of your family law matters. She is sharp, aggressive, and compassionate. Thank you for your help, Carrie."

Natalie A.

You Need Sam On Your Team!
"I have been going through a very "complicated", tumultuous case. Samantha McBride has been right by my side through it all! She is honest (even with things you don't want to hear, but NEED to hear) , she is supportive, invested and also fights hard. I felt as though she truly put her heart and soul into this for myself and my daughters. Everyone that I have come across with at Holstrom, Block, and Parke has been amazing!"

Nish S.

Knowledgeable and Communicates Well

“Divorce is a difficult time for anyone. It’s easier though when you have a legal team that is knowledgeable and communicates well. Having Mr. Roark and his team in my corner really made this process easier. I would highly recommend.”

The Diamond Family

Empowering Advocate!

"Brittany is incredibly intelligent and knows this area of law through and through. Her strategic approach and comprehensive knowledge were evident in her preparation, detailed court documents and courtroom presence. She reviewed every detail of my case, crafted the strongest possible arguments, and consistently kept me informed throughout every step of the legal process. Brittany will not sugar coat anything; she tells it like it is, and that's exactly who you need when you're fighting for the best interest of your child within a complex legal system. Her honesty and straightforwardness were refreshing and crucial in preparing me for every possible outcome. I am naturally an emotional and anxious person, and Brittany was always available to answer my questions, no matter how small. Her reassuring demeanor gave me the confidence I needed to stay positive and remind myself that she's got us no matter what. She is truly a remarkable attorney who goes above and beyond for her clients. Thank you, Brittany, for your outstanding work and for helping me achieve exactly what I wanted for my baby girl and I. We are forever grateful for you, this win has truly made the future I've dreamed of for us a reality!"

Sabrina C.

A Step Ahead of Any Questions I Had in Store for Her

"I am beyond thankful that I found Holstrom, Block and Parke but even more grateful when I had Attorney Brittany Van Veen represent me. She was able to turn a stressful situation into a positive outcome. She was always in communication with me and was on top with the process since I first retained her. Brittany Van Veen, took this case into a more personal matter and dealt with it like it was her own very personal case. She was very responsive and a step ahead of any questions I had in store for her. If you’re dealing with the situation I was, I suggest you give her a call and hear her out. She will do what’s necessary in order to obtain the best results for you and your future. Even now words can’t describe how grateful I am to have her represent me."

Daniel L.

Great Experience

"I came to Brittany with no knowledge of how the legal system works and she walked me through step by step until the very end. I am very grateful for her experience and would highly recommend. 6 stars ✨."


Extremely professional, trustworthy, and very knowledgeable

“I Highly recommend Custody Queens!! I am so Thankful for all of their hard work. Mr. Jeremy Roark is extremely professional, trustworthy, and very knowledgeable at all he does when working on his cases. I had the privilege to have him as my attorney. I can truthfully say he is trustworthy. As a mother facing custody issues, this was one of the most stressful situations I have had to face. Having to fight for your rights & keeping your child best interests at heart is not easiest to have to battle. I truthfully wish this on no family, but custody battles are reality. Jeremy helped ease the stress & guided me through it all. I highly, highly recommend his services. He puts forth all efforts, knowledge, focus, & pays extremely close attention to all details. Thank you Jeremy Roark!!”

Aurora R.


“I hired Mrs. Ruegg for help with my divorce custody of my child. She worked hard to protect my son and what was best for him. She went above and beyond of my son and I. She is smart, and knows what she is doing and won’t be bullied.”

Michelle B.

Wish I’d contacted Kristen sooner!

“In early 2018 I was faced with the difficult task of separating from my wife of 21 years. We had come to the conclusion amicably and had every intention of conducting a very civil divorce, keeping the well being of our 10 year old son at the forefront of our intentions. Like many couples in this scenario we didn’t see a need to seek legal counsel…”

Darryl Polk

Best Family Law Attorney in Riverside County

“Attorney NaKesha Ruegg is the best family law attorney in Riverside County. Ms. Ruegg is a true professional that truly puts her client’s needs as her highest priority. Ms. Ruegg’s knowledge in law, her personal experience & genuine care of concern for clients & their families shows in her work ethic. I’ve retained Ms. Ruegg back in 2014 & have had her as my attorney in all my family matters. Ms. Ruegg has become a friend through the process & I wouldn’t trust anyone else to handle our legal family matters. I highly recommend NaKesha Ruegg, you won’t be sorry & she is worth the financial investment. Hands down. I absolutely love her & you will too!”

Jeanette M.

The Michael Jordan of Family Law
“If you are seeking an attorney that will take an ownership attitude in regards to your case, Attorney Jeremy Roark is your man. I was recently involved in a case where an ex-spouse brought a series of false allegations against me. These false allegations could have proved detrimental to my financial well being if entertained by the courts. Attorney Roark pursued my issue with the intention of attaining a quick resolution. Unlike several other attorney's that I consulted with before Mr. Roark, the other attorney's wanted to take the matter to trial, which the cost of the trial itself could have unraveled my financial stability. Within a day of reviewing my case, Attorney Roark assured me that statistically, the odds were in my favor that the allegations brought against me would be dismissed. Attorney Roark was absolutely correct, within several minutes of my hearing, the judge dismissed the case. As a side note, you will most likely feel at ease with Attorney Roark... Attorney Roark is a very down to earth guy that will talk to you about his family, sports, and he is a great listener that is equally interested in learning about you as a person. You will leave Attorney Roark's knowing that this man will exercise due diligence in regards to helping you. After retaining Attorney Roark, I was able to sleep better after the false allegations were brought against me. Lastly, I would like to make a sports comparison in reference to Attorney Roark... If I had to compare Attorney Roark to any sports figures, he would definitely be the Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, and Tom Brady of Family Law. I wish Attorney Roark and his family the best and hope that God continues to use him as a tool for his clients.”

Warren D.

Successfully Got Me 100% of What I Was Fighting For
“After going through a very toxic and hostile 2-year custody battle and having 2 prior attorneys representing me, my husband found Kristen Holstrom and Samantha McBride from Holstrom, Block, and Parke on  Their response time is impeccable and prompt, and it was very easy to get a hold of my legal team when needed. Despite their case load, I was always made to feel like my case was their top priority. Samantha McBride was the primary attorney representing me and she was everything I prayed for in an attorney. She is very protective of her clients and individuals involved in the case and will not say or do anything to jeopardize their wellbeing. She is very tactical and strategic with her litigation and knows opposing counsel’s tactics as well. She is assertive in the courtroom and quite a pistol yet handles arguments with such grace. She was simply a godsend and was able to successfully get me 100% of what I was fighting for.”

Ashley C.

The Attorney You Need
“Mr. Roark helped me through the most difficult time of my life. His knowledge and communication with me were outstanding. I would recommend his services and have already. I’m so thankful I was recommended Mr. Roark.”

Erik D.

I couldn’t be happier

“I highly recommend Jeremy Roark and the staff at Holstrom, Block & Parke, APLC to handle any of your legal needs. I met Jeremy when he represented my nephew in a child custody case. So, when my ex-husband filed to end the alimony, he was paying me, I knew Jeremy Roark was who I wanted to represent me. His knowledge, professionalism, efficient manner, and awesome personality put me at easy immediately. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of my case. I would not hesitate to hire Jeremy and his firm again in the future.”


Simply the best!

“There's no doubt in my mind they are simply the best. Period. Call them and it's done. The best, hands down. They will handle it. Emiliza is the lady to ask for. The best. I had a complicated case. Emiliza made it easy! Call them! Worth it.”

Brian B.

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