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Child Custody & Visitation in California

Family law in California, especially in the realms of child custody and visitation, is meticulously crafted to shield and uphold the paramount interests of children. The primary concern of the court is to ensure that the health, safety, and welfare of the children is at the forefront of every decision. Each case begins with the steadfast assumption that children not only benefit but thrive from frequent and enduring contact with both parents, solidifying a bond that is pivotal for their growth.

When parents that are separating cannot agree on how to divide responsibilities, the court decides for them. Ideally separating couples are able to reach an agreement among themselves before turning the decision over to the judge. A good family law attorney helps you reach a settlement that fits your needs and schedule without going to court. In the event that the other side is unreasonable or uncooperative, your attorney protects your parental rights in court.


Aggressive and Approachable

Achieve the best outcome for your case with skillful representation so that you can avoid unnecessary stress and trauma for your family. We craft custom case strategies for each client. We take the time to become knowledgeable regarding the specific facts of your case and explain how those facts interact with family law. We provide comprehensive representation and are with you during the entire court process. Our strategies are founded on clear expectations, and are designed with purpose to benefit your family for years to come.


Divorce Feels Scary Sometimes

A divorce can feel like a deep, dark path though the unknown. One false step can place you somewhere you don’t want to be. We provide clients a map and a guiding light for navigating the complexities of the legal system. Let us turn obstacles into stepping stones that lead to a brighter future for your family.


Meet The Partners

Kristen and Sam envisioned a team that offers sophisticated legal analysis, combined with a unique, individual, and personal approach based on the belief that everyone involved in a divorce or custody case should be treated with respect and compassion.

Each case, each party, each child, and each opposing party is unique and requires its own individual approach, strategy, and action plan. Neither Attorneys nor cases, are “one size fits all”, and that is important to remember when making decisions that affect your future, your children, and your livelihood. Additionally, an attorney should always tell you what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear. That is what separates the Custody Queens from other attorneys.

At the end of the day, this is your case and your life. The attorney you choose should provide you with the tools, education, and representation necessary to achieve your goals. Our clients learn how to achieve the most beneficial outcomes for their children, and set themselves up for success as parents for years to come.

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As experienced family lawyers, we create solutions for families that outlast our representation.


We are hiring!

We’re looking for hard-working, energetic team players who want to join a group of legal professionals who truly care about helping families. Positions as Family Law Attorneys, Paralegals, and Office Staff are available in all our offices throughout Southern California, including Riverside County, Orange County and Los Angeles County.

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