We are watching coronavirus very closely just like everyone. We are following CDC guidelines, limiting social exposure when necessary, and monitoring closures and response to the outbreak. It’s a serious situation and we are adapting to it. As the situation progresses, now is a great time to take stock about what you can do in terms of proactive co-parenting. Here are some tips to consider. Economic impacts are likely. Regarding support payment modifications, work with your ex as much as possible through this uncertainty. If you’re not on speaking terms, know that adjustments will need to go through the courts and will take some time, but you do have options to modify support back to the time your income was affected. Plan for illness and closures using your co-parenting agreement. Parenting plans outline child custody and parents’ course of action when a child gets sick or cannot attend school. Think about what you will need to do in the event of a school closure. Now is the right time to discuss with the other parent and be proactive. Keep calm and wash your hands. Children react to their parents’ emotional state. It’s important that you stay calm, cool and collected because Children sense anxiety and fear, and to some extent, the anger of their parents. Follow all the health recommendations and guidelines that the state has provided. It’s also important for your children not to feel any of the effects of the pandemic that may be going on around us. This is an excellent time to hone in on your co-parenting skills and for parents to work together as one to get through this very unusual time that we are all in. If you would prefer a phone consultation instead of coming into the office, we are happy to accommodate you. We can also instruct you about how to set up a teleconference with our team. The courts are open today, but that could change moving forward. If you have a court hearing in the near future, it is possible that COVID-19 will disrupt how courts conduct business. Currently, courts in Riverside and San Bernardino County are encouraging people to use teleconferencing options they have available. In the event of a court closure, what will likely occur is that any missed hearings will be rescheduled when regular hours resume. With that said, if you have any questions regarding your case, a potential case, a restraining order, or an emergency hearing, please contact our office and get the help and assistance that you need. *Elbow Bump* Kristen Holstrom, Custody Queens Managing Attorney