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Move Away Child Custody Cases in Southern California

Are you a parent looking to relocate from California to another state, or are you sharing custody of your child and want to oppose a relocation request? No matter which it may be, preparation and representation are crucial in achieving the best possible outcome for your case. Here is a list of some of the factors that a judge will consider when deciding whether or not to grant the move away request.

Some things courts will consider when determining move-away requests

  • Which parent (if either) has an actual, or de facto, primary custodial relationship prior to the requested move
  • The good faith reason for the move (ex. job opportunity) -not designed to simply get away form the ex spouse (this is in turn mitigated if there is a history of Domestic Violence)
  • Distance of the move being considered/requested and the logistical issues raised include travel time, cost, etc.
  • The child’s age can be a large factor in the judge’s decision as it may be more difficult for younger children who haven’t had proper time to develop parent/child relationships-or older children who while more physiologically and psychologically developed and bonded have concurrently formed strong bonds with friends, schools, extended family, etc.
  • Any history of violence within the household(s)
  • The current and historical relationship between the parents
  • Ability to maintain proper medical treatment at both locations
  • The parents’ ability to Co-Parent or a lack of willingness to do so
  • The “best interest” of the child
  • The child’s preference and feelings about the move (depending upon the age)
  • An overall assessment of the “detriment” of the move. This issue was given overriding importance in the most recent California Supreme court case on this subject. In such cases, even where a permanent custody order is in place, the custodial parent’s right to relocate with a child remains subject to the changed circumstance rule. (In re Marriage of LaMusga (2004) 32 Cal.4th 1072) 1088-1089 (LaMusga).
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If you’re planning to relocate,

filing a move away request is not one that should be delayed or managed on your own. If your child’s other parent has filed a request, you should also seek counsel and representation in order to present a solid case for opposition.

Our team is experienced and adept at assisting parents with the preparation required to present a case for relocation. We take our time to ensure that you understand exactly what you should expect, whether you seek a move away or oppose one.

Our goal is always to give you and your family a chance at the best possible outcome.

We look forward to speaking with you and assessing your case needs.

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