Protecting the Rights of Parents

Resolving Family Law Matters in Orange County, Inland Empire, San Diego, and Los Angeles.

Practice Areas

We defend our clients’ rights to parent in the best interests of their children across all areas.

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Child Custody and Visitation

Create a parenting plan that maximizes quality time and ensures that children are well cared for. We focus on meeting your desired outcomes strategically with the most cost-effective solutions.

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Divorce and Separation

Rest assured that your interests and rights are negotiated and protected as you move toward an agreement for separation. Understand the fees and options available to you, and how the law applies to your unique situation.

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Child Support

Resolve support disputes with fair and reasonable orders created in the best interest of your children. We simplify child support guidelines so you have clarity whether you expect to pay or receive support.

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Move Away Child Custody Cases

Looking to relocate from California to another state? Sharing custody of your child and want to oppose a relocation request? Our team is experienced and adept at assisting parents with the preparation required to present a case for relocation.


Domestic Violence/Restraining Orders

Specializing in Domestic Violence and Restraining Order cases, our dedicated team provides compassionate support and aggressive representation to protect your rights and ensure your safety.


Complex Asset Division

Expertise in Complex Asset Division ensures fair distribution in challenging cases. Our experienced attorneys navigate intricate financial landscapes, safeguarding your interests and assets.