Domestic Violence/Restraining Orders

Domestic Violence and Restraining Orders with Custody Queens

Prioritizing Safety in Southern CA

Domestic violence is a grave concern, having profound implications not just on victims but also on families and children involved. At Custody Queens, our commitment to Southern California families goes beyond legal advice; we stand as a beacon of hope and safety. Our team understands the urgency and sensitivity of domestic violence cases and restraining orders, offering comprehensive assistance to protect the well-being of those affected.

Understanding Domestic Violence

Domestic violence encompasses acts of physical, emotional, psychological, or sexual abuse between intimate partners, family members, or cohabitants. Victims often endure a cycle of violence that may escalate over time, making swift legal intervention crucial.

The Role of Restraining Orders

Restraining orders serve as a legal shield, prohibiting the perpetrator from approaching or communicating with the victim, directly or indirectly. These can be:

1. Emergency Protective Orders (EPO): Offer immediate protection and are usually valid for a week.
2. Temporary Restraining Orders (TRO): Can last up to 25 days and are often sought while waiting for a court hearing.
3. Permanent Restraining Orders: Can last up to 5 years, with the potential for renewal.

Why Seek a Restraining Order?

Immediate Safety: Provides a legal boundary to keep the abuser at bay.

Legal Precedent: Establishes a record of abuse, useful in subsequent legal proceedings, especially in custody battles.

Peace of Mind: Offers victims a sense of security, knowing they have legal protection.

Guidance Through the Legal Process

Securing a restraining order requires navigating the complexities of the judicial system:

1. Filing the Request: Custody Queens will guide you through the paperwork, ensuring all details are accurately captured.
2. Representation in Court: We will advocate on your behalf, presenting a compelling case to secure your protection.
3. Enforcement of Orders: If the abuser violates the restraining order, we'll ensure legal penalties are enforced.

Why Trust Custody Queens in Domestic Violence Cases?

  • Local Expertise: Our team is deeply familiar with Southern California’s legal landscape and its nuances.
  • Sensitive Approach: We handle every case with the utmost discretion, respect, and care.
  • Swift Action: Recognizing the urgency, we act promptly to ensure your safety.


At Custody Queens, we believe everyone deserves to live without fear. Our mission in handling domestic violence and restraining order cases is clear: prioritize safety, offer unwavering support, and ensure justice prevails. With our expertise, victims can reclaim their peace and security.

Key Considerations in Domestic Violence & Restraining Order Cases

  • Recognition of Abuse Types: Understanding the diverse forms of domestic violence, from emotional to physical.
  • Importance of Timing: The critical nature of securing protection promptly.
  • Documentation of Abuse: Gathering and preserving evidence for legal proceedings.
  • Legal Types of Protection: Differentiating between EPOs, TROs, and Permanent Restraining Orders.
  • Representation in Court: The significance of professional advocacy during hearings.
  • Potential Consequences for Violations: Legal repercussions faced by abusers breaching restraining orders.
  • Implications on Child Custody: How domestic violence impacts custody decisions.
  • Safety Planning: Collaborative strategies to ensure ongoing safety for victims.
  • Renewal and Modification: Understanding the process of extending or altering restraining orders.
  • Support Services: External resources and counseling options for victims.

Your Safety Begins with the Right Action

If you or a loved one faces the shadows of domestic violence, it's crucial to step into the light of legal protection. Custody Queens is your dedicated ally in this journey. Call: (833) 622-0001 or contact us for immediate assistance. Your well-being is our foremost priority.